Australian Cattle Dog puppies

ausdtralian cattle dog puppies

Note: We present S litter:

Born: 04.01.2023

Mother: ACD Rutkowscy HARRIET (MOLLY)

Father: CAMARO Chobienia Forest (CHARLIE)

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Early neurological stimulation of puppies

Australian Cattle Dog puppies available in our kennel are healthy dogs that are under professional veterinary care from the first day of their life in order to properly breed them.

From the 3rd day of life, each puppy is subjected to the so-called early neurological stimulation that is beneficial for the immunity and overall development of dogs. Socialization of Australian Cattle Dog puppies From the 3rd week of life, puppies are socialized based on positive experiences. Providing ACD puppies with various stimuli teaches them to react properly to the environment, eliminates the risk of various types of anxiety or aggressive behaviour.

Properly socialized puppies are self-confident and can handle their emotions perfectly in a variety of situations